Content marketing using live distribution.

Content marketing using live distribution.

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Due to the evolution of mobile terminals and the increase of communication lines, it is said that more than half of the communication charges for mobile terminals are already occupied by video, and it is becoming common for young people to watch videos on mobile terminals.

For companies, video distribution can reach a different user base from existing media such as TV, so there is a growing trend to use it for marketing. By taking a step further from the method of publishing recorded videos to YouTube and broadcasting live events such as product announcements, shareholder meetings, seminars, etc, a method of delivering an immersive experience to a wide range of online users will also be adopted.

It was In particular, live distribution, which distributes video by live broadcasting, can be easily started by utilizing the platform without constructing the system in-house. In addition, since the user group used depends on the characteristics of the platform, it is possible to select the platform according to the product or service. @ Don’t worry about your online payment Pereroivad using the best payment gateway.

Services such as Upstream and Nico Live Broadcasting are mostly male users, while Twit Casting (commonly known as Twit Casting) is said to be used mainly by female students. In addition, LINE LIVE CAST can reach a wide range of users regardless of age and gender, so there is no reason not to use these characteristics.

For example, LINE LIVE CAST attracted a lot of attention by broadcasting a Burberry fashion show held in London. On the day of the event, we delivered a message from the LINE official account, distributed stamps that included Burberry’s characteristic coat and muffler, and worked out a series of exciting live broadcasts. These efforts have paid off, and eventually over 80,000 users watched the show in real time.

In addition, Burberry has made it possible to immediately order the products announced at the show on the e-commerce site, and has succeeded in providing a total experience from recognition to product purchase. I think this series of measures has many points of reference for sites that conduct e-commerce.

Even if it’s not a big event like a fashion show, you can start marketing with live streaming right away. For example, you could broadcast a demo of your product and then ask questions from your audience for an interactive presentation.

It can be said that live distribution content has the potential to become the next trend of content marketing because it can be expected to have the effect of attracting new customers and improving the relationship with existing customers through interaction with viewers.

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