How to use Instagram's shopping function?

How to use Instagram’s shopping function?

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Prerequisite to create an Instagram business account in collaboration with Facebook

Instagram has been strengthening its shopping capabilities. In recent years, 70% of shoppers are said to be browsing products on Instagram. Used by 130 million people every month, Instagram is an attractive platform for marketers. Hubspot’s blog explains how to use Instagram’s shopping function.

Instagram’s shopping function requires the creation of a business account. Companies that meet the conditions such as handling tangible products can connect with Facebook account and set up. After completing the settings, when posting content, you will be able to embed tags in photos and post product information that can be purchased.

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Post consistently with your brand and enrich your hashtags and descriptions

It is recommended that the photos and images used for the shopping function be consistent with the products you sell. For example, software companies post content that helps them understand the content of their products and the benefits to their customers. Poor trending images won’t fit your corporate mission.

The descriptive text is important as it affects the Instagram feed and search algorithms. Consumers need to have a well-written sentence in order to acquire new customers, as the decision makes the decision whether to purchase. Also, if you add multiple hashtags that cover a wide range of fields, you will be more likely to find them by searching.

Promote product purchases and company page visits from Instagram stories

Instagram stories set up shopping features differently than regular feeds. For one story, it will be a mechanism to prompt you to select a sticker containing product information and transition to the purchase screen in the application or the website of the company.

Ads cannot be tagged for shopping. In order to appeal to new customers that they are using the shopping function, an Instagram story can be a method to encourage more information from the feed.


Instagram has long been working on shopping features and is introducing new user experiences such as in-app purchase checkouts. Many companies have seized this opportunity and have grown their businesses. Understand the user experience from search to purchase and strive for effective marketing strategies.

Now that you’ve set up the store, you can start adding product labels and stickers to your Instagram posts and stories. Start creating a post as usual and tap on Tag Products to add a product from your catalog. You can feature up to five products per image or video post, and up to 20 products in multi-image posts. Stories can include one product tag per story. And you can adjust the color and text of the product stickers.

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