identify false information using Twitter or Facebook

Identify false information using Twitter or Facebook


Be sure to identify the keywords or accounts that should be noted for your company, and then start the investigation. In the present day when a lot of false information is circulating and causing reputational damage, it is important to confirm the authenticity of the information. Frist Draft, a non-profit organization that publishes information on journalism, explains how to collect information using various channels including social media.

Before thinking about collecting information on Facebook and Twitter, you need to decide what topics and which companies to monitor. With so much information flowing online, choose the ones that matter to you. Also, different platforms provide different information and research methods, so select a platform to focus on based on that topic.

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Collect information efficiently by searching with keywords and lists on Twitter

Searching by keyword is effective on Twitter. Specify a website that contains misleading content, or accounts or hashtags related to it, as search targets. If you have many unrelated tweets, you can also use “-” to specify keywords to exclude. We will change the combination of keywords and scrutinize the search conditions so that only tweets with high relevance can be found. Also, on Twitter, you can use the function to register an account of interest and create a list. Collecting trusted and untrusted accounts together will help collect information more efficiently.

There are various posts on Facebook, but I can only see content that is set to be public

Facebook is a difficult platform to collect information because if you are not connected as a friend, you can only search by posting in the public setting. In this case, if you specify “” in Google search, the Facebook page will be searched. The quality of information posted on anonymous bulletin board sites varies. In some cases, it can even be the source of misleading information. In the US, there are social news sites Reddit and 4chan, and in Japan, 5ch is relevant. Please be careful when handling it while referring to the information.


In recent years, social monitoring tools have been developed that monitor online conversations about your company. The advantage is that you can detect complaints about the service, damages of reputation and slander, and take countermeasures at an early stage. Twitter and Facebook contain a lot of information, so be sure to improve your search techniques and collect useful information.

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