5 tips to increase Instagram followers 2020

5 tips to increase Instagram followers 2020

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The world of SNS where situations and trends are constantly changing. This time, we will introduce how to increase the latest Instagram followers in 2020. If you are worried that your followers will not increase, please check it out.

  1. Utilize hashtags

Instagram users are doing hashtag searches to see posts from other accounts.

Taking advantage of “popular hashtags” that are noticeable to many users will increase your chances of increasing your followers.

It is effective to attach 10 or more hashtags to each post.

However, please note that you can attach up to 30 hashtags at a time.

  1. Give a sense of unity to posts It is the current mainstream of Instagram to give a sense of unity to account posts.

Try to create a unified account, such as “decide the theme of the photo”, “post the same color photo”, and “fix the angle of the photo”.

By giving a sense of unity to your posts, you can increase the number of 5k Instagram followers that match the mood of your account.

  1. Insert text In

recent Instagram, “magazine-style” posts with the text, etc. written on photos are gaining popularity.

By writing the information in the posted photo itself, rather than in the caption, it will be more likely to be seen by many people.

When posting multiple photos, it is recommended to include the text in the “first photo”.
5 tips to increase Instagram followers 2020
4. Conducting gift campaigns It is also effective to increase followers by incorporating “gift campaigns” conducted by many corporate accounts and influencers.

When conducting a gift campaign, it is recommended that you apply by “follow & like” or “follow & comment”.

  1. Update the story Since

it is displayed at the top of Instagram, the “story function” that many accounts are focusing on recently.

To increase the chances of your attention, we recommend that you post your story constantly every day.

In addition, hashtags and location information can be placed in the story.

If you use the hashtag that matches your account, you will have more chances to acquire new users.

In recent Instagram, “stories function” and “photo with the text” are trends. Let’s create an Instagram account that suits the times by referring to the points introduced this time.

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