Instagram- the best guide for your company

Instagram- the best guide for your company

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Instagram is one of the platforms most popular social networks worldwide. The application was founded in 2010 to enable users to share photos and videos, then it expanded to allow both large and small businesses advertise their services and products worldwide. In 2019, the network reached more than one billion active users per month worldwide, Poland has more than 6 million active users.

Each year, Instagram introduces a number of changes that are designed to help companies advertising on the platform. It introduces new analytical tools and improves existing functions. All this to help create business profiles, attract followers, build engagement and, of course, sell your services and products quickly and efficiently.

To help your company achieve its goals quickly, we’ve developed a short guide to the Instagram platform.

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Use #hashtags

We all know how hashtags work on Twitter and Facebook to organize topics or help reconnect messages with people interested in reading them. The same concept works on Instagram. Your company will want to track specific hashtags on its regular Instagram channel, as it will help you reach customers who may be potentially interested in your product or service. Watch out for Shadow ban when using hashtags.

Is there Instagram Shadow ban?

What is Shadow ban at all? To put it simply, this is a blockage that Instagram puts on when breaking application rules. The term appeared in 2017, when a photographer saw that his photos did not appear during some hashtag searches. Eventually it became clear that some images were not displayed during all searches or that different people saw different content in the same hashtag search.

Instagram has an algorithm that applies to hashtag search results, which means that for some searches different users may see different content results. And the same user can even see different content, looking at the same search at different times. Contrary to what this term means, there is no prohibition on images.

When can we get Shadow ban?

Shadow ban is used, among others when we use the same hashtags for a long time or when we use hashtags that are not allowed. It is worth checking the list of such hashtags to protect our business profile against unwanted situations. It is available on the internet and constantly updated.

Set up your Instagram business profile

Time to set up a profile for your company. Easy right? Yes, but it requires understanding analytical data to redirect users to your site from searches. You can get there by following a few short steps:

First, make sure your Instagram app is the latest version. If so, tap the profile picture in the bottom right corner, then tap the settings wheel icon in the top right corner. Click switch to business profile to start the business.

Now it’s time to link your profile to the Facebook company page you need to create, add contact information such as email and phone number, create promotions and much more.

View statistics on Instagram

This is done using the platform’s analytical tool, which allows you to see detailed information about the views and coverage of your posts, as well as the number of clicks from your profile to your website. Statistics results can help you determine the best way to optimize your Instagram business profile.

Promote your Instagram posts

Now that your business is set up, it’s time to start selling. Instagram aims to promote and sell products and services to the target group. Instagram posts for shopping are marked with a small shopping bag icon. This allows users to click while scrolling the channel. After clicking, pop-ups with product names and details appear.

Marketing at Instagram Stories

In addition to advertising on Instagram, your company will benefit from participation in relations on Instagram, which will increase brand awareness and maintain user involvement in everyday life related to the operation of your product or service.

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