LinkedIn launches own polls option of facilitate participation

LinkedIn launches own polls option of facilitate participation

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After it was discovered in testing last month, LinkedIn officially launched a new option of native polls, providing yet another way to collect feedback and increase engagement on the platform.

As you can see from the video, LinkedIn polls operate in much the same way as on other platforms: you choose the option “Create a poll” in Post Composer, enter your question and enter up to four answers. Then you choose the duration of the survey (from 24 hours to two weeks), add notes to your post, and then publish.

LinkedIn Polls can share with your connections (in accordance with the algorithm, LinkedIn), a particular group or any particular people with whom you are associated.

LinkedIn said that surveys may be particularly effective option in groups, depending on the quality of participation and membership.

An interesting point here is that the polls are actually used to be available in LinkedIn groups LinkedIn before you took this option back in 2014. Now they’re back – so if you have an active group of LinkedIn, it may be a way to quickly and easily collect relevant ideas, and promote greater interaction and discussion.

You can track the results of your survey in real time, and as the creator of the survey, you will also have access to the lists of those who voted, and what option they voted. This can be particularly useful for segmenting and targeting list, if it is used effectively – if you ask, for example, which types of ads people find it more efficient (video, image, and so AD.) You can then use this information to target these users its preference in the future.

Once your survey is complete, you’ll be able to access the complete data responses, providing instant information – and possibly fuel for future content and strategic planning. And, given that the survey was conducted in LinkedIn, where you are connected to the people in your professional network, the information obtained here can have greater business value, the more fun polls, which you can spend on Twitter or Instagram.

This is probably the key point here. Although polls on LinkedIn are almost the same as in all the other options on any other platform, it is the people who are responsible, will add additional value to the LinkedIn option. Functionally, there is no big difference, but it can be much more profitable, depending on how you use it.

LinkedIn says that the polls “is gradually spreading throughout the world” as on mobile and desktop computers “in the next few weeks”, so if you still do not see this option, you will soon do so.

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