How to Share SoundCloud Music to Instagram Story?

How to Share SoundCloud Music to Instagram Story?

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SoundCloud announced the ability to add SoundCloud tracks directly to Instagram Stories. This is the most requested feature from SoundCloud fans around the world. Finally, you can now instantly and easily share your favorite SoundCloud songs with Instagram Stories. The company announced the availability of this feature on its official blog. This article provides instructions for sharing SoundCloud music on Instagram Stories.

This new feature opens up many great opportunities for music lovers and music creators around the world. You don’t need to take screenshots of your favorite tracks to post them to Instagram. As an artist, you can link to a dropped single so your subscribers can directly connect to your SoundCloud tracks and access your new music on the fly. In addition to this, fans can interact with the story and provide feedback and suggestions for the music track.

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How to Share Music Tracks from SoundCloud to Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories are for celebrities with a particularly large reach. Make sure it gets even faster when you share music. Here are the official steps to share music tracks from SoundCloud to Instagram Stories:

Download and install the official SoundCloud app from Google Play or App Store.

Find the track you want to share using the latest SoundCloud app.

Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the Instagram icon or Share to Instagram Story (depending on the phone you are using).

Share the link directly with all your followers and Instagram Stories.

How to Share SoundCloud Music to Instagram Story?

This is it! It’s simple. SoundCloud fans can use this new feature to build an Instagram music audience. This new feature is now open to all mobile SoundCloud users around the world. You need to update the app to the latest version in order to share it with Instagram Stories.

In addition to SoundCloud, a piece of popular music streaming company Spotify introduced similar features to Instagram Stories. Instagram recently also added the ability to add background music directly to Instagram Stories.

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