Twitter Officially Launches New Retweeted Comment Lists on iOS

Twitter Officially Launches New Retweeted Comment Lists on iOS

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You may have noticed this in your retweet over the past few weeks, but now Twitter is making it official – at least on iOS.

From now on, your retweets account will include both main retweets and retweets with comments, and you can also see which ones are in the new list in the details of the tweet.

As already noted, Twitter has been testing new listings over the past few weeks, and the update is designed to eliminate the well-known annoyance using the displayed Twitter activity statistics.

But now the problem will be clarified, and you can get a complete, comprehensive list of your total number of retweets, as well as be able to view the relevant comments and answers, as well as interact with them, if you choose.

Until now, Twitter actually viewed comment retweets as a separate, unique tweet, so it did not intentionally include them in the total number of retweets. Many have suggested that this is most likely a bug in the Twitter system, but it isn’t – Twitter viewed comment retweets as a separate action from regular retweets.

And don’t worry about Android users, they are also tested on Android.

This is a good addition, which, as already noted, corrects what seemed like a flaw in the Twitter system. Although additional retweets added to your total may add a little to your vanity statistics, being able to easily view and interact with retweets with comments is a significant functional improvement that can increase the involvement of tweets.

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