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Introducing tips to give a sense of unity to your Instagram account

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You can often see the account archives on Instagram. In order to convey “what kind of post you are posting” at a glance, it is important to give a sense of unity to the entire account. Here are some tips for creating a sense of unity with your Instagram account.

  1. Unify the colors of the photos

Deciding on the color of the photos you want to post will give you a sense of unity throughout your account.

For “blue”, post photos of the sea and sky, and for “pink”, post photos of flowers and accessories.

Even beginners of Instagram can easily create a sense of unity because they only fix the color of the photo.

  1. Decide the processing filter

Photos posted on Instagram are often processed with a camera app, etc.

If you are using the camera app, it is recommended that you decide the processing filter in advance.

By fixing the filters of the photos you post, you can match the hue and brightness, and create a sense of unity as a [email protected] buy now: buy Instagram comments cheap

  1. Make the camera angle the same

Having the same camera angle is also important to give Instagram a sense of unity.

Look for a camera angle that is unique to your account, such as “a photo of food taken from directly above” or “a fashion snapshot with a white wall in the background”.

Also, by unifying the camera angles, there is an advantage that the time to worry about “what angle to shoot” can be shortened.

  1. Decide on an account theme

On Instagram, it’s important to set the theme for your account.

Let’s decide on one theme, such as “an account that uploads only dog ​​photos” and “an account that uploads superb views from overseas”.

By posting photos that match the theme, you can naturally create a sense of unity.

  1. Fix the order of posting

Instagram accounts feature a layout with three rows of photos.

By taking advantage of the “feature of arranging photos in 3 rows” and fixing the order of posting, a sense of unity will be created in the [email protected] buy now: cheap comments for Instagram

For example, you can pin a post theme for each column, such as “Fashion Photo” in the left column, “Food Photo” in the middle, and “Scenery Photo” on the right.

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