What is the best web editor?

What is the best web editor?

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One day or another, the management of a website goes through the need to get your hands dirty. Whether it is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP… whatever. Language is not important. The only things that count are ease of use, functionality and time savings. The best web editor must provide you with all of these qualities at the same time. Gone are the days of the Windows notepad-style text editor where it could do the trick for a few lines of code. Today, we have much more pronounced needs and the programmers of this software have understood this well.

A web editor, what for?

The Sublime Text editor is a web developer’s best companion. He will help him in writing his programming code by providing him with a toolbox of tips and tricks. For example, the editor will define a different syntax highlighting for each programming language. It will take care of the indentation of the document (tabs, white spaces, block management) for better ventilation. It can offer an auto-completion system, in order to save time on certain repetitive declarations. In short, the features are legion. Some are useful, others futile, but all go in the same direction: to make you more efficient.

Today there are a multitude of web editors that are free, paid, to install or can be used directly online. We could not name them all, and even if we did, it would be pointless. So, we are going to tell you about the ones that are worth seeing. Let’s discover together the best web editors: namely those who really stand out.

When you install Notepad ++, it is clear that your heart is not racing. However, under an appearance at least old school with its small buttons and endless drawer menus, hides a real. Notepad ++ is hands down one of the most loved and used web editors by the developer community. It’s very simple, this software is free, open source, very fast (it is coded in C), it has a large library of plugins, it manages all programming languages without flinching … Its only real flaw is its portability (it is only available on Windows) and its austere appearance (which you can still customize!).

Sublime Text, the marvelous

Sublime Text lives up to its name. Its slogan “The text editor you’ll fall in love with” displays its ambition: to elevate your code to make it wonderful, at least in your eyes! To begin with, sublime text editor download is easy to be beautiful and functional. No more daddy looks, here the graphics are neat, the ergonomics are polished, without breaking with the functionalities.

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