YouTube advertising guide for markets.

YouTube advertising guide for markets.

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Ads are the lowest risk format to reach a large audience

YouTube is the leading advertising platform in the world. If you create an account and focus on YouTube advertising, you will be ahead of many companies. In order to understand the basics of YouTube advertising, the Hoot suite SNS management platform explains the basic functions.

True View ads are a frequently used format for publishing how-to videos, demos, customer testimonials, and more. It is displayed before the start of the video, while the video is playing, or as a recommended video, and it is a video advertisement that the user can stop halfway. The benefits are cost-effective and Organic reach many viewers with little risk.

Video that can be expected to have a certain effect on a specific user group can be used in a format that cannot be stopped halfway.

YouTube also offers some types of video ads that you can’t stop halfway through. It’s displayed before the video starts, or while the video is playing for more than 10 minutes, and is recommended to be used to explain the value of the product to a specific audience.

Bumper ads are up to 6 seconds of video ads that play at the end of the video. The reason why you can’t stop halfway is the same as in the above-mentioned format, but the feature is that it is difficult to make the impression of forcing the user to see it because it is after playing the video. It is expected to be used to shorten long contents and reuse them for bumper [email protected] Don’t Worry About online payment the best payment gateway.

In addition to videos, there are also ad formats that display banners and buttons within videos.

YouTube offers ads other than videos, so even companies that haven’t created videos can get started right away. There are overlay ads that display banners on videos, display ads that are displayed on recommended videos, and card-type ads that put a small CTA (call to action) on the video. Expect user action in a format that doesn’t get in the way of your video.

To place a YouTube ad, start the campaign from the admin screen. Specify the type of campaign, target, budget, region, ad network, target language, target user group, etc., and the setting is completed. To specify the user group, you can specify detailed conditions such as age, gender, family, income, interest, interest. It is also expected that remarketing ads targeted at users who have a history of watching a specific video or channel will be highly effective.


We introduced you to the ad formats and management functions of YouTube. Understand how to use YouTube ads and think about how to make money from video marketing.

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